How COVID-19 Vaccines have become tools in the hands of Politicians through politics to get mileage and geopolitical dominance

Pandemic is raging far and wide. Vaccines are now helping countries get back to normalcy. Although, we can understand only a few countries have full access to them and we are far away from vaccinating the required population to stop the spread.

There is no part of lives that is free of any form of politics.

The most political aspect of this pandemic is the virus. Even more political than it has become this, life-saving vaccine. It is not only a tool to save people’s lives but also to exert power and dominance.

World Radio Day- 13th February

Understanding the origin, history and technology of radios

Credits — Time and Date

Radio, as we know, is a popularly used device to hear music, news, and many other entertainment shows. Even though radio as a device is vanishing, but the concept of radio and as well the technology is still in use. Radio today stands much more than simple device as such. Being part of one of the oldest set of inventions has paved way for much bigger and better inventions in the category of Wireless Communication like TVs, mobile phones, etc. Even now, people prefer radio over TV as it is cheap, portable and easy to use.

Military Coups

Understanding the chronology of events that led to this coup. The inseparable role of the military from the politics of Myanmar. The main international reactions and future consequences.

On 1st February 2021, the world woke up to the shocking news that a Military Coup was staged in Myanmar and the power was seized by the Military. Early in the morning, an emergency was declared and the internet was cut. Myanmar’s icon Aung San Syu Ki and many members of the ruling party was detained as well many cities were captured and are presently under Military control. It was under the leadership of General Min Aung Hlaing, the entire coup was staged.

A detailed analysis regarding Joe Biden’s victory against Donald Trump in the recent presidential elections and what can we expect next.

The election for selecting the World’s Most Powerful Person is now finally over. The world is still in the hangover for multiple reasons which we will be discussing in detail today. So do stay tuned till the end for understanding this topic very well.

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Two weeks back, we had talked about in-depth regarding the US electoral system, the political parties, US politics, Presidential Election candidates of 2020 and also about who has the upper hand in getting elected to the White House. …

What are the farmers’ demands? What is the Modi led-BJP government’s response? Everything about the latest controversy

Everything was going well and smoothly with the Modi Government in 2020. Anti-CAA protests have died down, and it will not be a big issue anytime soon. Also, the ruling party BJP has been winning back to back elections in Bihar, Hyderabad, Rajasthan, etc. Then farmer protests broke out in the outskirts of Capital Delhi and thousands of farmers across India are now heading towards the capital to show their protests to the Central Government.

Credits- The News Minute

Timeline of Farmer’s Protests

The BJP Government in Centre passed three controversial farm bills in September 2020.

A lot of bills were rushed through both the houses of Parliament

Looking into states, wars, and conflicts. Understanding various disputed regions of the world. The causes for the dispute and the stakeholders involved.

Credits- Brilliant Maps. These are countries that have some kind of territorial disputes

Often we encounter the term disputed regions or territories in news. This is actually not covered in media much not only because it is controversial but also because the terms are subjective and the situation seen from one’s lens changes as we move from place to place.

Wars and conflicts have always tried to capture territory, water, resources, power, and people. What triggers war may not just be the need for all these but also to settle few old disputes. Disputed regions are important in Political Science and International Relations as the majority of the events are centred around these…

Journal of Knowledge as you know is popular for articles and information written contents. We decided to start something new ie. Podcasts where the audience has the ability to listen to the audio content instead of reading long articles. We do a podcast on lesser-known topics, like contemporary issues, geopolitics, politics, social issues etc. as well as interesting things around us.

A lot of new podcasts will come up soon, so keep following us on all podcast streaming platforms as well as on Facebook, Telegram, Quora, Medium etc.

All about my college life, how it has influenced me as an individual. A glimpse of 4 years in a capsule

I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

I am happy not because I have completed it but the real fact that I got rid of it. The past four years were an exciting experience, both sweet and sour.

Even though I don’t like the academic part of engineering or the CS or any part of that in college, I don’t think I should even regret that I was here for 4 years.

For those who don’t know what MEC is, it's the name of my college which is an acronym for Model Engineering College.

Despite not…

Artificial Intelligence

Explaining various applications of Machine Learning and AI

We are all very well aware of Artificial Intelligence which is Intelligence inside artificial objects. Artificial Intelligence makes computers and other gadgets around us think for ourselves, use their previous memory and make decisions.

Although when we hear the term ‘AI’, our mind travels far and wide to intelligent robots, self-driving cars, automated factories, drones etc., AI does play a much bigger role in our lives in a different way. There is much more AI can than what is usually told to us.

Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash

We are brainwashed by media, movies and books on what we know as AI. It is demonised…

Kerala Technological University

Everything you need to know about APJ Abdul Kalam Kerala Technological University Computer Science and Engineering Semester 6. We will discuss different subjects, labs, honours degree and study tips.

Let us look deep into semester 6 of KTU in Computer Science and Engineering(CSE) for the 2015 scheme.

Purpose of the article

Most of the students are clueless about what they are studying ever since they have started college life. Some of them lose interest soon, or some gradually. Only a handful, stay interested and committed till the end.

The major reason is like lack of guidance/mentorship. Knowing why and what you study these subjects up to an extent can reduce up your burden. Apart from rote learning, getting the right materials can push up your grades and reduce effort. …

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