How COVID-19 Vaccines have become tools in the hands of Politicians through politics to get mileage and geopolitical dominance

Military Coups

Understanding the chronology of events that led to this coup. The inseparable role of the military from the politics of Myanmar. The main international reactions and future consequences.

A detailed analysis regarding Joe Biden’s victory against Donald Trump in the recent presidential elections and what can we expect next.

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Important news saw headlines Kerala, India, US, World, Sports, Technology and finance.

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Newscapsule for November 2021


Covering my past year of blogging in a capsule and also a throwback to my posts of this year. I write on Socio-Politics, International Relations, Law, Technology, MUN etc.

Examining China’s Chang’e 5 moon mission can steer China’s lunar exploration goals

Jairam R Prabhu

Blogger|Podcaster|Student|Engineer|Content Writing. Writes on Science, Law, Technology, Politics, International Relations|Runs Infodaily & Journal of Knowledge

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