World Radio Day- 13th February

Understanding the origin, history and technology of radios

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Radio, as we know, is a popularly used device to hear music, news, and many other entertainment shows. Even though radio as a device is vanishing, but the concept of radio and as well the technology is still in use. Radio today stands much more than simple device as such. Being part of one of the oldest set of inventions has paved way for much bigger and better inventions in the category of Wireless Communication like TVs, mobile phones, etc. Even now, people prefer radio over TV as it is cheap, portable and easy to use.

Gender Equality in STEM

What is the reason behind women are staying away from having their own career choice especially when it comes to STEM? What can be the possible solutions?

Families are always delighted to make an announcement regarding a new family member that will be born soon. Since then, both family and relatives have thoughts regarding the new-born. They are eager to know the gender of the child so that they can start thinking about his/her future. Stereotypes begin from there. They decide how a boy should be and how a girl should be. No one can dispute what society dictates. Boys and girls are forced on a particular path that aligns with the social construct. …

Military Coups

Understanding the chronology of events that led to this coup. The inseparable role of the military from the politics of Myanmar. The main international reactions and future consequences.

On 1st February 2021, the world woke up to the shocking news that a Military Coup was staged in Myanmar and the power was seized by the Military. Early in the morning, an emergency was declared and the internet was cut. Myanmar’s icon Aung San Syu Ki and many members of the ruling party was detained as well many cities were captured and are presently under Military control. It was under the leadership of General Min Aung Hlaing, the entire coup was staged.

A detailed analysis regarding Joe Biden’s victory against Donald Trump in the recent presidential elections and what all can we expect next.

The election for selecting the World’s Most Powerful Person is now finally over. The world is still in the hangover for multiple reasons which we will be discussing in detailed today. So do stay tuned till the end for understanding this topic very well.

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Two weeks back, we had talked about in-depth regarding the US electoral system, the political parties, US politics, Presidential Election candidates of 2020 and also about who has the upper hand in getting elected to the White House. …

What are the farmers’ demands? What is the Modi led-BJP government’s response? Everything about the latest controversy

Everything was going well and smoothly with the Modi Government in 2020. Anti-CAA protests have died down, and it will not be a big issue anytime soon. Also, the ruling party BJP has been winning back to back elections in Bihar, Hyderabad, Rajasthan, etc. Then farmer protests broke out in the outskirts of Capital Delhi and thousands of farmers across India are now heading towards the capital to show their protests to the Central Government.

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Timeline of Farmer’s Protests

The BJP Government in Centre passed three controversial farm bills in September 2020.

A lot of bills were rushed through both the houses of Parliament

Kerala Politics

About the Kerala State Election results in 2021. How the three fronts — UDF, LDF, and NDA, fought against one another to capture power amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The result for the Kerala Elections 2021 was declared on 2nd May. As predicted by all the pollsters, the ruling alliance LDF triumphed back to power with a bigger mandate. According to the pre-poll and post-poll surveys, we can witness that the verdict was predictable and the only doubt was about the seat share and margin of victory. Why did we see a comeback of the previous government? Was there an actual wave? Why did the four-decade-long jinx break? Who all won in the wave? Who all lost? Let us discuss all these questions in detail.

Before we proceed do…


For the past two weeks, India is witnessing a massive surge in cases touching around 300,000 cases a day. Let’s dive into the article to understand why there has been a wave-like never ever before. Reasons for the same and also the consequences are decluttered in detail.

After successfully controlling the initial wave of the pandemic in 2020, India had successfully bent the curve by the end of the year. It started the vaccination drive by December and hoped to crush the pandemic soon. Despite slow vaccination progress, everyone believed that there was light at the end of the tunnel. Everything went fine till mid-March. Numbers after a long time started to spike up by the end of the month.

By April first week, most states reported a massive surge in the cases followed by an explosion of cases by the second week, which led to nationwide…

Indian Politics

Elections to Assam, West Bengal, Kerala, TN, Puducherry and their impact on Indian Politics explained

It has been quite some time since India has seen a heated election season after 2019. Sparing Maharastra and Haryana in 2019 we have not seen anything big in 2020 except for Bihar. In 2021, we have an interesting election season where we have totally new and different contents in each contour. It has been quite some time since we have discussed national-level politics. That is why we are here to remove your confusion regarding the effect of these elections on the national picture.

At present the pandemic is raging far and wide, despite that, we could see elections taking…


Everything you need to know about GIS, it's basic working, role in engineering and its applications.

Geographic Information System is nothing but a computer application that captures, stores and displays the various physical and manmade features on the Earth. Starting from mountains to buildings, GIS can map everything and store it in a database(DB). White House defines GIS as “the technology, policies, standards, human resources, and related activities necessary to acquire, process, distribute, use, maintain, and preserve spatial data.”

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GIS is an integrated system, which utilizes more than one feature at a time. Following is an image for understanding how GIS works.

Kerala Politics

About Kerala state elections in 2021. How three fronts UDF, LDF, NDA are fighting to win the state. The issues that are plaguing the state and how to vote this time, various factors.

It is the polling season in Kerala and just hours left for the polling day. As we have discussed in previous articles in-depth regarding its politics, we are here to discuss the issues and factors that are making headlines and which will ultimately decide the winner. Along with that, we will be concluding the article with tips on Whom to vote? How can you decide whom to vote for? etc. This is perhaps the most important article in this series ie. the voice of you voters. We are not here to spread any propaganda or anything but discuss some real…

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