How COVID-19 Vaccines have become tools in the hands of Politicians through politics to get mileage and geopolitical dominance

World Radio Day- 13th February

Understanding the origin, history and technology of radios

Credits — Time and Date

Military Coups

Understanding the chronology of events that led to this coup. The inseparable role of the military from the politics of Myanmar. The main international reactions and future consequences.

A detailed analysis regarding Joe Biden’s victory against Donald Trump in the recent presidential elections and what can we expect next.

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What are the farmers’ demands? What is the Modi led-BJP government’s response? Everything about the latest controversy

Credits- The News Minute

Timeline of Farmer’s Protests

The BJP Government in Centre passed three controversial farm bills in September 2020.

Campus placement guide for KTU B-Tech students

News bundle for the month of August 2021 comprising Kerala, India, World, Afghanistan, USA, and sports

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  • Kerala Govt decided to relax the lockdown restrictions ahead of the Onam festival and in the wake of protests from all corners.
  • Govt. plans to take stringent action against those trying to misuse Online Education platforms and targeting teachers and students.
  • Govt. withdrew flood cess from…

Understanding the recent revelations, usage of pegasus, the underlying software, the politics and the implications of the same

Credits- Dhaka Tribune

What is Pegasus?

Pegasus is spyware developed by NSO Group, which is a private company in Israel. Spyware as the name suggests is computer software that can spy on our smartphones and computers. It has the potential to take away the data and send it to another target computer or server.

Hobbies, activities, experiences, pandemic, lockdown, journaling, food. Online classes, exams, webinars, COVID-19 infection, second wave, podcasting, books etc.

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News capsule for the month of July 2021

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  • Kitex, the popular Garments company, decides to leave Kerala and abandon the Massive infrastructure project. The company received an official invite from Govt. of Telangana.
  • Kerala reports the majority of the COVID-19 cases in the country.
  • State’s first Zika Virus case reported in Capital- Trivandrum. Over 50 cases were reported from the city limits.
  • Kerala SSLC 2021 results declared. Pass percentage crosses 99%.
  • Kerala Governor Arif Muhammed Khan

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